Arduino Maker: Wanted

Job Status: OPEN

Posting Date: May 15, 2017


The Project

  • Envision and propose Arduino projects using the Ready Maker app as the programming and control environment.
  • Upon approval from Ready, manufacture the project and document every step using video and text.
  • Organize the finished steps into a digestible project for publication on and (and other potential maker sites).

This is an ongoing opportunity with the potential for 30 hours a week or more of your time. To understand the flavor of what can be built with Ready, take a look at this DIY project building an RF controlled car, with the UI built in Ready


Your Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability as an Arduino maker- you’ve made Arduino projects, and we can look at them online.
  • Ability to write and capture video coherently, so people can follow your work.
  • Good communications skills: you’ll be working with the Ready team on idea development, and production.
  • Self starter: you can take initiative and solve problems.

Extra Credit

  • Your software development skills on Arduino are pretty rockin’: you can hack through the IDE and make cool stuff.
  • You’ve got a trove of Arduino hardware on hand, that you can start with.


Application Process

  • Send us an email explaining your qualifications to
  • Include links to 3 or more Arduino projects you’ve made
  • If you have any walkthrough videos, be sure to include them as well.


Next Steps

  • If we like what we see, we’ll ask you to do a small test project.
  • You’ll be paid to take the test, regardless of whether we do more projects together.



Contract basis, hourly.





jon slimak