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Adopted by schools, camps, and libraries around the world, Ready enables teachers and their students to make professional grade software - and develop computational thinking - without any previous coding experience. Try Ready for free and see what all the fuss is about!


Made for teachers with no coding experience

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Ready is great for educators with no coding or computer science experience. Hear what they have to say.


Upgrade from Scratch!

Ready was the perfect upgrade for my Scratch class to a simple, more powerful tool. Getting started and building was easy and surprisingly fast... the kids love it!
— Marcia. C - 4th Grade Teacher

Free & easy lesson plans.

CCSS & CSTA aligned.


Bring Ready and computational thinking into your classroom, library, after school or summer program… Coding classes, maker spaces, STEM & STEAM project-based learning. 

In a world where coding has become a rare and valuable skill, a platform like Ready lets the masses again experience the power of creation

Douglas Rushkoff

Author, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus



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