Ready is a creative platform that lets you build in the mediums of our time:

Mobile Gaming, Robotics & AR/VR.

Think of Ready as an “if this, then that” software builder - that anyone can use.


Our Technology

In April 2017, Ready won “Best Technology” for its robotics efforts at the 2017 Launch Festival in San Francisco.


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The Ready Makers

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Jonathan Slimak - Product, Founder

David S. Bennahum - CEO, Founder


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Anton Argunov Senior Unity Engineer


Sergey Zhitov Unity Engineer


Allison Parrish API architect


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Sergey Vostrikov Fullstack


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Denis Leschinsky Junior Unity Engineer / Robotics Hacker


Scott Levitan Advisor / Marketing

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Douglas Rushkoff Advisor / Bestselling Author



Jason Calacanis Advisor / Angel Investor



Jerrold Spiegel Advisor / Company Counsel


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