Whitelisting Ready



Many schools operate proxy servers to control what content students may access from within the school network. When using the Ready Maker application within a school, it may be necessary to add various Ready-related domains to the school’s firewall and/or proxy "whitelist."

Here's why.

The Ready Maker application requires a persistent internet connection to function properly. Ready Maker's failure to connect to the internet will compromise the application's ability to function: it will run, but might fail to login, load objects, or projects, as these resources are accessed remotely "in the cloud."

Assessing if Ready is Properly Connected to the internet

To ascertain whether Ready is properly connected to the internet, follow these steps:

  • Run the Ready Maker application on a school computer or tablet and log in or create a new account.
  • If you can't log in or create a new account and you are connected to the internet, this is a good indication that Ready Maker is being blocked by a proxy server.
  • If you can log in, then tap "create new" to open a new project.
  • From there, tap the "+" button on the blank canvas to open the asset library.
  • A window should open on the right of the screen filled with colorful objects- these are downloaded from the Ready server. A successfully connected Ready Maker app should list about 700 objects under the "artwork" tab, as illustrated here:
A user library with 700 objects downloaded from Ready's server.

A user library with 700 objects downloaded from Ready's server.

If instead of this, you see an empty window with the total count of artwork in the Library as "0" then Ready is being blocked from connecting to the necessary servers. The app will not operate properly in this condition. The solution? Whitelist Ready's domains.

The school IT administrator should be given this web page, and s/he will know how to proceed from here.

Ready Maker requires access to the following domains, to operate properly. The * symbol is a “wildcard” character, and should be included in the whitelist.

Whitelist domains


Further information on whitelisting follows.


What is a whitelist?

Firewalls and proxy servers use a whitelist where access to certain addresses and websites are required, but everything else is to be blocked. If the page or website does not appear on the whitelist, the communication is rejected. Whitelisting is used by security professionals to help prevent malware on networks, control bandwidth misuse and prevent access to inappropriate websites. Next-generation firewalls have made creating a whitelist more specific so policies about what is allowed are easier.

Why whitelist?

Whitelisting is very important within organisations such as schools where access to the internet must be monitored or restricted by use of a proxy or firewall. In order to grant access to Ready, an IT administrator can add the domains listed on this page to the whitelist. This ensures complete access to Ready’s services, while still retaining the security of the school internet network.

For further assistance, email hey@getready.io