Create a stand alone app using Ready + Unity3D

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.14.22 PM.png

step 1

In Ready, save your project & export it to Unity.

Inside your Ready project: Open Settings (A) to Save, and then Export (B) your project to the empty folder.


step 2

Download Unity (FREE)

Download latest stable version of Unity - It's free :)


step 3

Log in and Open your exported project

Open Unity & Signup or Log In your account.  Then click the Open button (E) on project selection screen - and the entire Choose folder (F) in which you exported your Ready project - then click Open


step 4

Load the ReadyPackage

In your Project section (to the right side of your Scene) double click on the ReadyPackage (G) then click Import (H) on the pop over.


step 5

Load the PlayerScene

Also In the Project section (to the right side of your Scene) inside your Scene folder open or double clik on PlayerScene (L)


step 6

Click Recreate Project

In top menu select Ready drop down then click Recreate Project (M)

Now you can play and build your exported project


step 7

 Open Export Build panel

To export your app go to the File drop down (on the top right of your screen) and select Build Settings (N)  - then click Add Open Scene button to add PlayerScene to the build


step 8

Export your project

Click Build and select destination.

When you will build a project for Mac, make sure you select Mac OS X, x86_64


Step 9 Extra

 Give your project an app Icon

Click “Player Settings…” and change name, icon, splash etc.