Ready Recipe: Introduction to Storytelling

This 30 minute module introduces how to tell stories using Ready.

Introduction to Storytelling: Intermediate (30 min.)



  • Build a framework for telling stories in Ready.
  • Apply computational thinking to the task, by using classes, loops, and counters..
  • Understand the role of cameras in software, to set views.
  • Apply a “user interface” element to control navigation.
  • Understand how scenes can live within a project..
  • Personalize the scene with your own aesthetic, while conveying the core information.



  • Create a three-scene project.
  • Use camera points to navigate between scenes.
  • Add a plain button to the scene to control the camera.
  • Zoom into the scene to create the illusion that each scene is separate from the other.
  • Customize the scene with your own objects, to tell a personal story.
  • Show it!



  • Can you think about how you could use Ready to tell a story?
  • What is a story you’d like to tell?
  • How is telling a story different from making a game?



  • Can you think of a story you’d like to make in Ready?
  • Why is it important use classes for the camera points?
  • Why is it important to name your objects well and hide those you don’t code against in the Event Manager?
jon slimak