Ready Recipe: Introducing Ready to your learners

This Ready Recipe provides a thirty-minute overview of Ready.

Ready Recipe: Group Introduction. 30 min.



Learning Outcome

  • Give students an initial tour of Ready.
  • Understand the “Community” area.
  • Remix a project from “Community”.
  • Build a basic scene.
  • Create an account.
  • Save your scene.
  • Return to your project to work later.


Activity Objective

  • Place an object on the scene and have it bounce off another object.
  • Give the object a behavior to keep in from leaving the scene.
  • Give the object an effect to make it look different.
  • Do some basic coding to understand WHEN something happens, DO something.
  • Customize the project with your own aesthetic to express yourself.
  • Save your project: set a cover, give it a name and a description.
  • Be prepared to log back in and continue working on your project.


Starter Questions

  • Do you wonder how computer games are made?
  • What do you think a character is?
  • What do you think a scene is?


Closing Questions

  • What do you think “object-oriented programming” means?
  • How are “behaviors” different from “events”?
  • What would you like to make with Ready?



jon slimak