Arduino + Ready: Hello World!

We've been working on connecting Ready to various robotics platforms, starting with Arduino. This video shows you:

  • How to connect an Arduino Uno board to your desktop computer.
  • Prepare the board to receive commands from Ready.
  • Make a small "Hello World" program in Ready that will turn the LED light on and off on the board when a button is tapped inside the Ready scene.

Resources required:

"Firmata" source code to upload to your board. Link

Howard Rheingold explores teaching computational thinking with Ready

Media theorist and author Howard Rheingold writes about Ready for the Digital Media + Learning research hub .

Visual programming languages and programming as a learning tool are old dreams, rooted in the late Seymour Papert’s creation of the Logo programming language for children. Lately, many promising variants — all of them based on visual rather than command-line interfaces — are popping up: Scratch, a successor to Logo, has been evolving in the MIT Media Lab’s “Lifelong Kindergarten;” Google has entered this arena with Blockly, “a library for building visual programming editors;” UC Berkeley’s Snap focuses on robotic control, as does Roberta. Many of these are powerful learning instruments, but because they run in their own “sandboxes,” are not meant for creating apps that run in the wild. David Bennahum’s visual programming language Ready, “an open-ended software creator,” is intended to change that.
— Howard Rheingold

English teacher reviews his experience with Ready

Teacher David Freitag posted on his blog about his experience using Ready, explaining: “Ready is visually appealing, easy to use, quick to learn, and contains many powerful features of programming languages.”  Read more...

David teaches high schoolers English and coaches the speech/forensics team at Greendale High School near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can find him on Twitter at @davidkfreitag.

Girls "gain confidence" with Ready

This week we visited the Lower Eastside Girls Club, an amazing place in downtown Manhattan: "Opening Doors, Empowering Women, Building Community, Girl by Girl."

The club's mission is to break the cycle of local poverty by training the next generation of ethical, entrepreneurial and environmental leaders.

Club instructor Lauren Vargas inspires the next generation of girls to be creators, and not just consumers, of digital media.  Among the things she told us: "Girls gain confidence with Ready… It’s a beautiful thing when they’re excited and focused on making something for themselves, that they enjoy."  See the full interview below...