The Ready Maker Handbook

Imagining the world through software

By David S. Bennahum + Ready Team

List Price $29.95

Do you want to become an expert game developer and coding machine? Get the tools you need to build your own software with The Ready Maker Handbook!



What’s your favorite game? Maybe Minecraft? Or an RPG? Whatever it may be, think about all of the people who were responsible for its creation. Imagine the games you would design if it were up to you. Now, you can be the next great game designer. Let The Ready Maker Handbook teach you how. 

Even if you have no idea how to begin coding, this book will walk you through the process with simple instructions and pictures. With the book and the free Ready Maker app, you'll start making your gaming dreams come true. Learn everything you need to know to design games like Flappy Bird and Asteroids, and create projects like a working model of the solar system and a stopwatch! 

The Ready Maker Handbook is designed for everyone, including beginners. Have fun learning important new skills as you create your own software!

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