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Projects made by PEOPLE around the world

Powered by Ready Maker, WebGL, and Unity3D


What is this page and how does it work?

  • Each of these projects were made using the Ready Maker app.
  • Each contains unique artwork, uploaded by the project creators.
  • Every "Ready made" project has the option of being shared.
  • On desktops, this translates into an auto-magically generated stand-alone web page that runs a version of Ready inside WebGL. This is built using the Unity3D WebGL engine.
  • Each WebGL project travels with a "cover", "description", "start" and "embed" buttons.
  • The initial load is just the buttons and the project cover art, title and description.
  • The user then triggers the actual WebGL content by pressing the top-left "Start" button.
  • This improves the browsing experience, and puts running the WebGL container under the user's control.
  • The WebGL engine is approximately 30MB in size.
  • A user encountering this page on a mobile device will fail to load the project, as WebGL isn't currently supported on mobile browsers.
  • Using a deep-link, the mobile user is re-routed to the Ready app (or the app store to get the Ready app) which loads the project.
  • Tap this link on Android or iOS to experience the deep-link flow. It will load the first project, Ninja Battle Run.

How do I add a project to my site?

  • Click on the "embed" button above any of the projects on this page.
  • Chose your preferred size: Normal or large.
  • Select copy to clipboard.
  • Copy the selected embed code.
  • In your CMS, assuming it supports the addition of a "code block" to the page, paste the copied code.
  • Save and publish.
  • You now have a functional WebGL Ready-made project running on your site.
  • For new projects (not on this page), save the project in the Ready Maker App.
  • Tap "Share" on the desktop version of Ready. (Mac / PC)
  • Paste the share URL into your browser.
  • You'll be re-routed to a landing page that plays the project.
  • Tap the "Embed" button above your project.
  • Proceed to copy-paste the code block into your CMS.