A - 003

[ easy ]  30 min




Build a working version of the classic arcade game, Pong.  Play against the computer and train it to think like a tennis player.



Learning outcome

  • Understand the basics of "artificial intelligence" by teaching the computer to play against you.
  • Explore two-dimensional physics by tuning the game play of the ball through space.
  • Deploy basic score counters and trigger a "win" and "lose" moment on screen.

Activity objective

  • Build a two-person game, with the computer as the opponent.
  • Create a court and frame to contain the game.
  • Count scores by both sides.
  • Customize the paddles, court, and ball to reflect your personality.



With your group

Starter questions

  • What do you think artificial intelligence is?
  • How can we teach a computer to "think"?
  • How might a computer play tennis?


  • What other uses of artificial intelligence can we think of?
  • Is there another project you'd like to make where you play against the computer?
  • What story does the final decoration of your project express?